About Elaine Maronick, MA, LMFT, LCPC

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Elaine is a transformative psychotherapist who synthesizes western psychology and eastern wisdom traditions to elicit profound growth and healing in individuals and couples.  Her compassionate approach to therapy creates effective, positive, asset-based solutions that brings insight and clarity.

By working with people, not problems, individuals and couples find a sense of security in themselves, while increasing their ability to love.

This personal growth process allows partners to harness deep growth and healing and see the hidden meaning in their difficulties while exploring the new perspectives and understanding.

Elaine has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and has studied extensively in the areas of couples therapy, relationship health, relational neurosciences, attachment theory and other related disciplines.

Elaine Maronick has been practicing psychotherapy since 1994 and is a clinical member of the AAMFT Clinical MemberAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. AAMFT is the professional organization representing over 23,000 marriage and family therapists around the world. Clinical members have met very specific high standards for education and experience specifically in the field of marriage and family therapy. This credential requires quality commitment to clients as well as to the marriage and family therapy profession and several meta-psychologies.